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Sugar Factory IT Progress


Nine days Decade Ninety           

In the decade of 1990, computerization of sugar factories started in Maharashtra and other states of India. Offline data entry was possible for many factories. IT department was controlling the working, software maintenance, networking and hardware. Everybody used to come and work there. Computerization was limited to cane billing, H&T and time office. GIST was used for Regional Fonts. Operating system was mainly DOS and database was Foxpro.

21st Century started with the fear of Y2K

In the decade of 2000, computerization changed the working pattern. Now people realized for the expansion of scope of IT work. Now Online working started at Weighbridge. Use of Electronics weigh bridge were installed. 24 X 7 IT workload in crushing season. Right now, some of the modules got the attention.On Premises software ERP started the implementations on the Platform of Windows. Database switched to Oracle/SQL Server. ISM is used for the Regional Fonts.

Towards the Global Village

Since when the Internet infrastructure is getting better and Smartphones available on android, IT is becoming everybody's cup of tea. Data Center's are becoming the new Source of IT technologies...

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All India Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) for Sugarcane Crushing Season 2017-2018
Basic rate of Rs.255 per qtl, subject to a premium of Rs 2.68 per qtl for every 0.1 percentage point increase in recovery above 9.5 per cent. SAP for respective states may differ the effective sugarcane price.

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