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All India Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) for Sugarcane Crushing Season 2016-2017

All India Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) for Sugarcane Crushing Season 2016-2017Basic rate of Rs.230 per qtl, subject to a premium of Rs 2.42 per qtl for every 0.1 percentage point increase in recovery above 9.5 per cent. SAP for respective states may differ the effective sugarcane price.

Table of Recovery, FRP per Qtl and  FRP per Tonne

Recovery (%)FRP per Qtl(Rs.)FRP per Tonne(Rs.)9.5230.002300.009.6232.422324.209.7234.842348.409.8237.262372.609.9239.682396.8010242.102421.0010.1244.522445.2010.2246.942469.4010.3249.362493.6010.4251.782517.8010.5254.202542.0010.6256.622566.2010.7259.042590.4010.8261.462614.6010.9263.882638.8011266.302663.0011.1268.722687.2011.2271.142711.4011.3273.562735.6011.4275.982759.8011.5278.402784.0011.6280.822808.2011.7283.242832.4011.8285.662856.6011.9288.082880.8012290.502905.0012.1292.922929.2012.2295.342953.4012.3297.762977.6012.4300.183001.8012.5302.603026.0012.6305.023050.2012.7307.443074.4012.8309.863098.6012.9312.283122.8013314.703147.0013.1317.12317…

India's Top Sugar Companies by Net Profit

1. Balrampur Chini Mill

2. Dalmia Sugar

3. Dwarikesh Sugar

4. DCM Shriram

India's Top Sugar Companies By Net Sales

1. Shree Renuka Sugars

2. Bajaj Hindusthan

3. Balrampur Chini Mill

4. EID Parry

India's Top Sugar Companies By Market Capitalization in NSE and BSE

1. EID Parry

2. Balrampur Chini Mill

3. Bajaj Hindusthan

4. Dhampur Sugar

Sugar Prodcucing Major Districts in Maharashtra

Sugar Mills Associations in India

1. National Federation of Co-Operative Sugar Factories

2. Indian Sugar Mills Association

3. Indian Sugar Exim Corporation

4. Maharashtra State Co-Operative Sugar Factories Federation

5. West Indian Sugar Mills Association

6. Uttar Pradaesh Co-Operative Sugar Factories Federation

7. Karnataka State Co-Operative Sugar Factories Federation

8. South Indian Sugar Mills Association, Tamilnadu

9. South Indian Sugar Mills Association, Karnataka

10. South Indian Sugar Mills Association, Andhra Pradesh

11. Haryana State Federation of Co-Operative Sugar Mills

Sugar Industry related research organizations

1. Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI), Pune
2. National Sugar Institute (NSI), Kanpur
3. S Nijlingappa Sugar Institute, Belagavi
4. Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore
5. Central Sugarcane Research Station, Padegaon

Digilocker for Paperless Document / Certificate Submission

Everywhere we need to submit the document /certificate we have to either use to xerox the copy and attestation of self or by some authority. Government of India has initiated the step ahead towards the paperless by allowing the cloud based App /Website for storage of scanned document. E-sign is used for Online Digital Signature using Aadhar based authentication. We can submit the URL of the storage to the authority which requires the submission of the documents by E-mail.

Step 1 : Download the Digilocker App from Google Play

Step 2: Required to Signup with Mobile number and Aadhar number details

Step3 : Login with userid and password

Step4: Upload the Scan copy

Step5: QR code document scan

Step5: Issued Document by the Registered Agency

Maharashtra State District Taluka Village List

Country - India
देश - भारत
State - Maharashtra
राज्य - महाराष्ट्र
District List
जिल्हा / जिला यादी

1. Akola District Taluka List
अकोला जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
2. Amravati District Taluka List
अमरावती जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
3. Ahmadnagar District Taluka List
अहमदनगर जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
4. Osmanabad District Taluka List
उस्मानाबाद जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
5. Aurangabad District Taluka List
औरंगाबाद जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
6. Kolhapur District Taluka List
कोल्हापूर जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
7. Gadchiroli District Taluka List
गडचिरोली जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
8. Gondiya District Taluka List
गोंदिया जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
9. Chandrapur District Taluka List
चंद्रपूर जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
10. Jalgaon District Taluka List
जळगाव जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
11. Jalna District Taluka List
जालना जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
12. Thane District Taluka List
ठाणे जिल्हा / जिला तालुका यादी
13. Dhule District Taluka List