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Are Paperless things still present on Paper or Some things really changed?

Paperless Office

In the beginning of the professional career, I came across the book "Business @ The Speed of Thought" by Bill Gates in 1999. First time I learnt about the term "Paperless Office". I was very much impressed and decided to work where there was all the scope.

Y2K Changed the Scenario

In the 1995, it was the beginning of the  World Wide Web(WWW) in India. The terms Website, E-mail and Cyber Cafe  were new for everybody. Mobiles were not in the everybody's pocket. Y2K was an opportunity for so many to go for new Application Software as well as Hardware.In house development was not enough in the changed scenario.

On Premise Software

Using On Premise Software, everything is limited with Local Area Network (LAN). As speed is tremendous everything used is of higher side. Licensing policies for on premise software are costly affairs. Everything depends on operating systems started OS Independent. But fact remains with us is, that how much we dependent on every version of OS.

What are the options?

Truely OS Independent, Light Weight and Device Independent softwares which can be used everywhere where there are users. Cloud based ERP services has all these features and much more...

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